Lincolnshire Oven Cleaning Services

Oven cleaning has always been one of the jobs people put off until tomorrow as it is time consuming, dirty and very often the fumes from ‘DIY’ oven cleaning kits are invariably unbearable.

Our experience in oven cleaning has allowed The Lincolnshire Oven Cleaning Company to develop a cleaning process which is both thorough and highly effective.

Our approach toward protecting the environment means that we only use ECO friendly products on your oven, hob, etc. and allows you to use your oven when we leave.

Upon arrival we respect your home by placing work sheets around the appliance to be cleaned to protect floor coverings, work units etc.

We will discuss the job with you and explain fully what we will be doing. All removable parts are stripped away from each appliance to allow us to access all difficult to reach areas and, where appropriate, will be cleaned in a soak tank in the van, where high temperatures combined with a efficient cleaning solution is designed to loosen and remove all traces of burnt on carbon and grease on shelves, gas hob ‘discs’, grill pans, light covers, etc.

What we clean

  • All types of Ovens
  • All types of BBQs

  • Ceramic Hobs
  • Stove and Hob Tops
  • Range Hoods / Extractors
  • Microwave and Microwave Ovens
  • Fridges / Freezers
  • Dishwashers

Get your OVEN, HOB and EXTRACTOR cleaned together
SAVE 10% off your total bill!

Call 07930584745 for a free quotation.

Call 07930584745 for a free quotation.